– 417 hand moisturizer

So, a couple of months ago I got this adorable little tube in my IPSY bag and it pretty much just lay around the house. I’m very weird with my hands since they get sweaty when I’m working and most moisturizers don’t absorb into the skin and just sit there. That feeling alone is enough to totally gross me out and keep my distance from hand moisturizers. I even go as far as using body moisturizers on my skin and then wiping my hand on a towel to get it off my hands. Is anybody else as big of a weirdo as I am?


Anyway, so this moisturizer was lying around and we were preparing to fly to Boston. I don’t know what occurred to me but I threw it in my tote bag last minute and we were on our way. Interestingly, we landed in Boston during the worst blizzard of the last few years and my skin was suffering. Ruffling through my bag, looking for something else, my parched fingers brushed against the tube and in a moment of reckoning…I gave the minus 417 a try.


Literally, this thing is the best hand moisturizer ever. It’s so gentle on the skin that you can barely feel in and it smells….my god it smells amazing!! It’s this feathery, light talcum powder type smell and it is definitely there so people who don’t like products with a scent, you might want to steer clear of this one. I have the 30ml tube on hand and you only need a pea sized amount to cover each hand. It melts into the skin and disappears, leaving the skin nice and soft. Since my hands do sweat, I tend to put this on at night and go to sleep to find rejuvenated hands in the morning.

Take away: Amazing to travel with, retails at $17 for 100ml which is pretty decent. If you can’t find the travel size, do what I do, squeeze some into a travel pot and you’re good to go!

Here’s the link if you’d like to get one for yourself: 417 moisturizer

Leave me a comment if you’ve used this and let me know how it went for you!

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