Tarte – Amazonian Clay Highlighter

If you are anything like me, then you must have seen the highlighter blowout all over Instagram and youtube. It is the era of the either youthful or dazzling glow in the makeup industry and people are jumping on that bandwagon like there is no tomorrow. Now, you and I, the average consumer, we think four times before purchasing just ONE product that costs us more than $30. I mean, sure I’ll shell out money if the product is worth it but you can’t always tell when you are shopping online.


Anyway, I’ve found a solution to all this…wait for it…. The brand incentive program. Yes, you read that right. I usually buy my on and off necessities from different stores like Sephora and Ulta and then use the points I get to redeem something I’ve been really wanting lately. Anyway, I had a bunch of points at Sephora (160+) and I usually scroll around the “Bazaar” that they have to see if I could redeem anything for my points. Lo and behold, the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour highlighter in the color “Stunner” was available for 100 points, obviously in its small size. I didn’t even have anything in the basket but I immediately grabbed at this because when else am I going to get the opportunity to try out a product for a while and then make up my own mind about whether I want to buy it or not. I mean it’s not like instore where the lighting is magnificent and the product looks and feels great and you end up purchasing the whole thing. Then you get home and its either utter crap or just not as good as it was in store!

So anyway, I redeemed this and ended up ordering a couple of face primers too (more on that later, I’m still testing them) while I was checking out. A week later and I had this beautiful tiny pot all nestled in the box for me. Here’s what I gathered from using the product:

Adorable Packaging

Honestly, it’s simple, sophisticated and borderline adorable. It’s borderline because the sample size is small and easily fit in my palm. The actual pot is much bigger and has a mirror but I don’t care much for the mirror when its just a compact.


Smells amazing

Really it does! I cannot exactly describe what the smell is but every time I lift up the lid, I get this wonderful waft of caramel and vanilla. I love sniffing it as I apply it on the bridge of my nose, cheeks and cupids bow.

Buildable highlight

This is definitely not your average boom-in-your-face-glow. This is more of a subtle, I’m-so-healthy glow. It catches the light subtly and doesn’t budge. I’m not sure how much the 12-hour claim lasts because every time I’ve worn it, I feel like I’ve had to apply more later just to maintain the glow but it doesn’t actually diminish. The subtle sheen stays and that’s pretty much what I want it for. For the subtle glow, i use one of my Urban Decay brushes but if you want a more impactful glow, you should opt for a sturdier brush or even your fingers and back it on. The picture below shows the color STUNNER or my caramel Middle Eastern skin tone with flash on 😉



It retails at $28 on Sephora which makes me a little iffy. Do I really want to spend $30+ (shipping) on a product that I could probably pick up again or get in my IPSY bag? Sure the one at Sephora will be full sized and has a mirror too but I guess I have to wait more for the product to grow on me. Here’s the link to the full sized product on Sephora

At the end of the day, the verdict is still out, I do like using the product. The Tarte highlighter is great for that glow you need during the day time, preferably at school or work- for that reason alone, I’ll keep using it, that and the fact that it smells so great. I won’t purchase the full size but I’m sure I’ll be using this one till I hit the pan 😊


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