Rainbow Waffles for Breakfast

Last year, on the 25th of March, I married the love of my life. Ever since then, 1 year has passed within the blink of an eye and I can barely believe it. So with that in mind, I wanted to do something special for my husband and decided with what better than a fun breakfast. My husband is a huge foodie and loves to try out different things. He likes to eat waffles on the weekends and I decided to jazz it up a bit.


Rainbow waffles!


So I figured a fun and festive breakfast for our anniversary would be a nice take on the traditional brown waffles. I began by using your regular Bisquick pancake mix. One side of the box carries the recipe to convert the same mix into a waffle mix (I’ve written the complete process in the recipe section below).


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I then eyeballed my waffle iron which is quite small in comparison to the large round ones you get in the market. Because of the size of my waffle iron, I decided to go with 4 colors. I figured the 4 colors would not only show up nicely on the waffle but would also look good. If I went with too many colors, it would turn out to be a mess and honestly, just way too much work. I picked out Red, Violet, Royal Blue and Teal for my colors because I figured they flow well. If you do decide to go with different colors, think of the color wheel and see which colors flow together without abrupt starts. I used the “Wilton icing colors” that comes in the 12 pack.


I then scooped out spoonfulls of the mixture into 4 different bowls and mixed in the colors using different toothpicks. Because the colors in the Wilton pack come in tiny pots, little toothpicks make it surprisingly easy to get the colors out. You want to keep adding in color till you get a nice vibrant output unless you’re going for pastel waffles, then you’d want to keep it light.


Vibrant waffle mix


This part was a little tricky. I started by using the waffle iron cold. Since it takes a while to get the colors to sit right the first time you try this, it’s easier to start with a cold iron. I scooped out the mixture from the “teal” batch first and poured it in a slanted direction. It looks prettier this way but you could always go horizontal or vertical- it’s entirely up to you. Please excuse my dirty iron, I cleaned it after I was done…the hazards of cooking a lot. Anyway, you then want to proceed with a complimentary color and I went with the royal blue followed by the violet and then red. While you do this, you also want to make sure you have enough mixture for the other side of the waffle iron. If you use one of those circular ones, I recommend drawing lines all across the iron which will give you a pretty result.


Waffle iron placement


This was the final result! My husband likes a delicious omelette and fruit with his waffles. If you would like the recipe for the omelette, leave me a comment below. I lightly brush the waffles with butter followed by a light drizzle of honey. I find kiwis, strawberries, and other berries work best with this entire dish. If you try then, give me a shout out and tag me in your pictures on Instagram or pinterest!


Recipe (makes about 4 waffles squares)



2 cups Bisquick waffle/pancake mix

1 ½ cups milk (pour in little at a time)

1 egg (medium to large)

2 tablespoons oil

Food coloring of choice (4-6 colors)

1 tablespoon Honey

Room temperature butter



4 bowls (or as many colors that you use)



Waffle iron

Serving plate



Follow instructions on pancake/ waffle box. You are also free to use your own waffle recipe. Instructions on my box ask to use 2 cups of mix, add milk. Add milk little at a time and mix. It sometimes uses less than the recommended 1 ½ cups, estimate as you go. Add an egg and 2 tablespoons oil. Mix well so there are no lumps left.

Separate mixture into 4 bowls or as many colors that you have used. Use toothpicks to mix colors into the bowls. You want to make it as vibrant as you can. Should not be more than a few drops. Mix well so the colors are not streaky. Pour waffle mixture in a slanting manner 1 color at a time on a cold waffle iron. Once satisfied, close waffle iron and let cook. Check after 2 minutes, you will notice they get a nice golden touch. Take them out and place vibrant side up on the plate. Brush lightly with butter and drizzle some honey.

Serve with fruits and eggs if you like!



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