Beauty and the Beast- 2017 review

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to head out with some friends and watch the Emma Watson starred, Beauty and the Beast. I had initially planned to go with my husband, but when he was informed about which movie I actually wanted to see, he had a million excuses….men!

Anyway, girlfriends to the rescue and after a lot of planning and coordination, we finally made it to the theater. The upcoming movie previews there honestly made me realize there was nothing special coming up this movie season. Wonder woman looked like it had some potential, but we’ll get to that when the time comes.

Review time:

Honestly, I thought the movie was great! From the graphics to the acting and the music, I pretty much loved it all. As a little background, I’m someone who does NOT enjoy musicals or any sort of music in my movies, yes, despite my Pakistani background and cultural attachment to Bollywood movies, I do not like music in my movies. I didn’t even go to watch the “almost” Oscar winner (yikes!) La la land only because it was a musical. This in itself was really difficult because I love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling but sometimes you have to have priorities!

Anyway, I was hooked from the very beginning when Emma Watson (as Belle) comes into the shot as she definitely looks the part. Her dress was on point with the color and style (throughout the movie costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, gave us spot on clothing, especially with her yellow ball gown!) plus Emma wore it so beautifully. I didn’t know Emma could even sing that well but the second she opened her mouth, all my qualms were thrown right out the door. Then there was Gaston, played by Luke Evans, my god he was good! People in the cinema laughed along as he moved about the screen in his haughty, self-obsessed way. My favorite part was the song about Gaston, sung very well and mid-way I realized I had a huge smile on my face as I enjoyed the lyrics.

There were some parts of the movie, however, where the cinematography was a bit out of focus. A particular moment was when Belle surveys the rooms she’s taken into and takes a 360 look around. The camera moves so fast and doesn’t focus on anything in particular. It had me feeling as though something was wrong with my eyes and ended up giving me a bit of a headache. That aside, it was all pretty good. The dramatization was so well executed that towards the end (spoiler alert!) when they shoot the Beast, I almost gasped out loud. I did not see it coming, it all flowed so well and it definitely stood out.

Over all, I really enjoyed the movie and would definitely recommend it for some family time.

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